So the much-awaited vacation time is about to come, and the countdown has just started, less than 50 days are remaining for Christmas Day to come. The time we listen about Christmas first thing that come to mind is Santa and his gifts. Everybody expects something unique and awaited gift.

John Lewis, a leading British Retail Store, is known for celebrating the Christmas in its own style. Similar to last year this time again it has released its Christmas advert, much awaited by its fans.

The advert shows a story of Sam and a Penguin named Monty. They play together, go to the park, jump on the trampoline. Finally, the much awaited December 25, is about to come, but Monty is little bit sad. Sam realizes that Monty wants love and a companion this Christmas. So he decided to give the much-required surprise. So on Christmas day he gives the awaited surprise, but wait penguins are not real and are just teddies.

Music, Feelings, love and the characters each and everything is perfect and will make you cry after watching full video. So just watch and share this beautiful advert and start your Christmas celebrations.

Credits: John Lewis 


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