Sunday, January 20, 2019


Latest Funny Viral Social Videos!

Check out this Hilarious Trailer of Expelled Featuring Vine Superstar Cameron Dallas

The official trailer of the Movie "Expelled" is launched, and the movie will be released on 12th December in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Beginning December 16, the movie will be available on demand on Google Play, Target Ticket, Walmart, iTunes and amazon. The...

This video of The Great Khali sharing the problem he faces in his daily life and its solution will make you laugh

This ad by Ambuja Cement is going to bring a smile on your face. Ambuja Cement is famous for its iconic ad where two brothers wish to unite by breaking the wall of separation between their houses but can't because it's made out of...

I Can Bet You are not Going to Miss This Latest Hot Kiss Prank!

This latest addition to the family of pranks is something different and hot. A staring contest is played with girls on the beach for a kiss. None of them could understand that it's only a prank, and they all have been cheated on camera. Watch...

8 Year Old Kid Kaleem From India Is Real Life “Hulk”

In the video, there is eight year old boy named Kaleem. He was born with hands twice the size of an average boy. He is suffering from a rare, undiagnosed, disorder that resulted him having gigantic hands. Each hand weights more than eight kilograms...

This 11 Month Old Baby Trying to Walk a Bulldog Is The Cutest Thing You Will See All Day

Some kids sure want to do what they see their peers and parents do. This little thing, which is only 11-months-old, is trying his best to walk an 80-pound bulldog which refuses to move.  

The real reason behind the suicide of builder Suraj Parmar

The Indian news media has extensively covered the Suraj Parmar suicide case, but under wrong light. The reports that state the Cosmos Group chairperson had debt stand untrue, as the 14-page letter he wrote has clearly stated that he had zero liabilities. If anyone has...

Farah Khan can’t stand a funny tweet and abuses the person by sending him DM

Indians awe Bollywood celebrities and follow them blindly, and we have witnessed so many examples where we supported Stars regardless of whether they were morally correct or not. For example, the time when Salman Khan was sentenced five years imprisonment, knowing the fact that he...

A Man Got Eaten Alive by the Anaconda and Survived… Unbelievable Until You Watch It!

Sunday evening was something different and special for all the lovers of wildlife all over the world. Discovery Channel was pushing a special program, "Eaten Alive" since last one month and finally it was to be aired on Sunday evening. As the name suggests, this...

This is what you should do to Impress your Partner

Its not like that you can't be creative with your food-items. You just need a good idea and here is one. This cute heart shaped egg is just right way for conveying your message to your partner. Also, it’s so easy to make! So...

Awesome! 600 Days and Almost 125K Miles Went Into Creating This Epic Video Selfie

Alex Chacon is on a Modern Motorcycle Diaries driving his motorcycle over 200,000+ Km crossing 75+ borders around the world to the most remote and undiscovered places on earth on this charitable expedition. 600 Days Around the World with a GoPro on a stick! In...

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo dressed up like a homeless man and pranks people in the streets of Spain

The football legend Cristiano Ronaldo spent one of his afternoons as the best ball-juggling hobo in the streets of Spain. The Real Madrid player was skillfully disguised as a homeless person with bedraggled beard, padded suit and a dog as companion. He spent an afternoon...

This 4-year-old Boy with a Dream of Becoming UPS Delivery Truck Driver Comes True in This Heartwarming Holiday Ad

A little act of kindness can do a lot. And if your little effort can make anybody's dreams come true, perhaps it will be the best you can do for others. Yes, Dreams come true; wishes can be fulfilled. UPS has started a new campaign...

Watching these funny strangers slapping each other on their first meet is hilarious!

Guys you might have heard and seen the video of "first kiss". This is a spoof based on that video. GUYS, I must tell you this is very interesting. When 2 strangers meet, there is a quite handshaking and introducing themselves and further exploring...

These are the Best Sexy Seduction Pranks of 2014 – All at one place! (NSFW)

As 2014 is about to end, everyone wants to rewind its old memories. Each moment spent in the current year will become history and will always give us some joyful moments whenever we see the pictures or video of those rare moments. We all know...

This RAP on IT Guy (4.0 the next sequel) will make you fall in love with IT! (Going Viral)

Hello Guys! The amazing IT Guy RAP is back again with his next sequel. The previous IT Guy - 3.0 went viral do checkout just in case you missed it. It’s really one of the rare piece of music with mixture of geeky-ness, style, fun and...

A Nerdy Guy With a Boombox in Hand Surprises People With his Freestyle Rapping Skills

This is one of the most hilarious video that you’ve ever seen. In this particular video, BigDawsTv dressed up as a nerdy guy along with a boombox in his hand and surprised strangers in California with his striking freestyle rapping skills. He also allowed...

If you are a 90’s kid, this nostalgia video about 90’s is a must taken trip down to memory lane

This beautifully crafted video will make you visualize the cherish moments of your adorable childhood period. By no means before have so many moments and feels been embraced into 3 minutes of 90’s awesomeness. This video will make recalling your old memories and will...

Watch This ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’ 2014 Latest Horror Movie Trailer

In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are being stalked by a lonesome vampire. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night will be released in Los Angeles and New York on Nov. 21.

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