In India, one of the most famous websites is of IRCTC. IRCTC is used for booking the travel tickets in Indian Railways. Yeah, we got this amazing website using which without much physical work of travel and efforts, we can get our tickets booked online.

But wait! Everyone knows there is a twist with this website. Though people don’t need to have much of physical effort in order to book the tickets, but there is a lot of mental stress that goes on in the minds of every traveller of Indian Railways out there.

Getting a confirmed ticket is not easy any more. People need to plan their travel 2-3 months before in order to get their tickets confirmed. And if one needs immediate booking, either get it booked via travel agencies/brokers or the most feared option i.e. TATKAL BOOKING!  Planning to book a Tatkal ticket is like getting ready to enter into the war to get a confirmed ticket. It’s like Spartans attack! This video sums up all the problems being faced by an IRCTC users. Kudos to Youtube channel Random Bakwas team for raising the voice!


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