This video is a perfect example showing that humanity still exists in this world. Two fishermen, Jason Frost and Brandon Key have proved this.

These guys had gone for rod fishing in the Warrior River in Alabama. They could have expected to see fish, water or may be birds there, but what they saw they could hardly believe it.

While they were waiting to catch the fish, they saw an orange coloured, tiny kitten who came out of nowhere, was swimming towards their boat at full speed. Both of them were really excited to see this small creature.

One of the men, pulled out the kitten from the water to safety. The kitten seemed quite relieved as it then began to take a stroll on the boat.

Just few moments later, another kitten was seen swimming towards the boat. It was also taken out from the water and hence was saved by these two men. They also think that these kittens were twins as they looked alike.

It was not clear in the video that from where the kittens came but the probability is that someone might have left them there.


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