“This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut”… This is one of the most vital messages that everyone needs to hear.

One of the most touching lines I have ever heard which grabbed my attention in this video – “So lookup from your phone and shut down those displays, you have a finite existence and set number of days don’t waste your life and get caught in the net as the end comes, nothing worst then regret.”

Look Up is a spoken word for the “online” generation. Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, it is an extremely important life lesson for upcoming generations and specially our youth.  Children are growing up in a world where they don’t play outside or communicate with their friends. It seems today everything is done via text message or over the internet.

We need to spread this message before it’s too late. Please do your part and SHARE it with everyone you know.


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