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Things Not Going Your Way? It’s Okay – 4 Relaxing Things To Do!

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Things Not Going Your Way? It’s Okay – 4 Relaxing Things To Do!

Yoga power – go get it!


Stretch, meditate, deep breathe! And see for yourself the sexy flush you get that is just an instant stimulant. Yoga is beneficial to us in ways more than revealed, and science has proven it. The stretching of the body, deep breathing and meditation, helps you see things more clearly, while calming down all your senses to act accordingly. Go ahead with your yoga sessions. Breathe in, breathe out!

Don’t talk to everyone about it


The more you feed a problem, the more it will grow! And the more you open up to people; you are more likely to be more confused with their varied opinions. Not everyone is walking in your shoe, and nor do they have a solution to all your problems. We have agony aunts all around, but hey, they hardly know you to give you any opinions!

You might disagree, but sharing out issues all the time isn’t really helpful. It is just good gossip for everyone around. So grow up and realize, things will fall in place in its given time, and right answers will come to you eventually.

Sleep it off!

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You are probably fretting over the assignment that didn’t go down too well? And those endless arguments with your boyfriend. That’s exhausting. But like, what good can come out of worrying the whole night? Nothing! I know you are tired and probably upset, but, just let your mind rest and get a good sleep. Whatever it is, deal with it first thing tomorrow morning with some fresh perspective! Now, let your morning coffee deal the dilemma- for now, get a good night’s sleep.

Do a social media purge


Is it not enough for us to let alone deal with our lives, that we spend major of our precious time envying the happy life of others. That’s one of the biggest problems we have in life, and we know this already. So yeah, that person on your timeline had the perfect wedding with the love of their life, or they are at the peak of their dream job, and are having the dream vacation at Miami or Paris or anywhere.

Let’s just face the ‘real’ realities. We all know what’s behind those check-ins and #feeling awesome hashtags. It is just ‘one’ happy side of the big picture. So give yourself some time. Run, paint, physically meet people. And get off Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram for a little while.

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