Best friends often hang out and do almost everything together, laughter, tears, joy or sorrow. But what we don’t normally realize is that how easily they could be gone in the next second of our lives. Friendship is a treasure and never take things for granted.

This short film named Surprise is about a little girl Jen and her friend Sam. Jen loves the surprises and Sam gives her one on each of her birthday, and this continues from their childhood to their being young. This time its Jen’s exam on her birthday but she haven’t met Sam since last several days. But still she is curious to get her surprise. On the day she gets a letter from the postman and it suggests her to go to the Sam’s house. When she goes there she finds lots of gifts, surprises and also a letter for her. When she opened it and what she came to know will melt your heart. Sam died few days earlier from Brain tumor.

Watch this heart melting and full of emotion story till the end. If you like it share it and dedicate it to your true friends.


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