Undoubtedly, Taylor Swift’s story takes over the internet today as her self-parodying second single “Blank Space” from blockbuster album 1989 has been officially released.

After video leaked on Yahoo, Taylor has released the official version on her YouTube channel TaylorSwiftVEVO ahead of schedule. Director Joseph Kahn acknowledged the situation, tweeting: “Yup. Yahoo effed up. Wait to see the Blank Space video. Let Taylor introduce it herself. It’ll be worth it.”

In this self-parodying music video Taylor stabbing things with a butcher’s knife, standing on top of a horse, and smashing a car with a golf club, etc. In an interview with Yahoo, Swift said “’I knew it! I knew she was crazy!’… It’s probably the wildest video I’ve done.”

Sean O’Pry, who was 2013’s highest-paid male model worldwide, is the Swift’s co-star in this video. He said: She did incredibly in the video. She’s gorgeous already, but she looks incredible in the video.

Here is the Taylor Swift’s first single Shake It Off music video:


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