Today life has become so fast and competitive that every one could not match their steps with the speed of others. For any reason there are many peoples who are not able to fulfil their dreams, it makes them mentally disturbed and some time such persons could not handle the pressure and commits suicide. They just quit without making full efforts and fighting back.

This award winning short movie “Can I Quit” is a sincere efforts by a small group of friends wherein story of a young boy Suraj is shown who tries to commit suicide after getting failed in his diploma. But to his surprise something very interesting happened at that time which changes his point of view towards the life.

This is a really inspirational movie for many peoples who are struggling and finding it difficult to handle the pressure of life. Watch till the end to find out the surprising incident and the life after that. Also do not forgot to share the video with your friends if you are inspired by it.

Credits: TarunMusic Tv


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