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This is How Smartphones Will Wreck Your Weekend Plans


This is How Smartphones Will Wreck Your Weekend Plans

These days communicating with your friends got easy with messaging specially with free services like WhatsApp which inturn mostly get people destroy their plans of get-together as most of us think that we are already communicating with our friends over these Messaging service, let’s plan a get-together some time later. Isn’t it so?

The video shows how easily without any effort one plan can turn into another, and identifies three kinds of flaky texters: latecomers (who are perpetually “10 minutes away”), no-shows (who ultimately want to reschedule) and optimizers (who try to wheedle information about an event from the person suggesting it, to determine whether it’s worth their precious free time).

If this kind of looks similar what’s happening with you which is making you cancel your catchups with you friends, we got an another amazing feature of you smartphone to suggest which will help you stay connected. Just click on the phone symbol on your device will actually make a call to you friends and then, plan efficiently 😉

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