There are already many devices in the market that track your steps, weight and calories, but this latest gadget flips health tracking on its head by monitoring how many cigarettes you have. Instead of encouraging people to smoke more, the smart lighter Quitbit has been designed to shame them into quitting by revealing the true extent of their habit. Quitbit was created by Boston-based designer Ata Ghofrani.

With the Quitbit smart lighter you can track your smoking, set custom reduction plans, limit when it lights, and build new behaviors. This helps you understand yourself and your habits to help you achieve your goals.

This app can also reveal how much money has been spent on cigarettes, and helps smokers learn at what times during the day they are smoking the most. The most interesting fact is that, progress can then be shared with Quitbit’s community or with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

If you can measure it, you can manage it.


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