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These Seven Rules you should follow if you want to be RICH!

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These Seven Rules you should follow if you want to be RICH!

Wealth building and success is something that we aim at in the early ages of life. Being successful becomes a dream for many who give up and sacrifice in a lot many things in the years of growing up. Money making skillset is however dawned upon a few, while others try to put in a lot of hard work. Luck is a workable factor for some, and just slogging is the only option for some. All roads anyway lead to one common destination – the one to become rich.

Here are some rules you could follow to take you on the path of becoming rich:

Find a Financially Compatible Spouse


Being the sole earning member in the family is going to take you nowhere, unless you’re born with a gold mine. Marriage is one of the most important ‘financial’ decision of your life. It can either multiply your income by many folds with a financially compatible spouse, or it could just degrade your income if your spouse doesn’t earn enough or not at all.

Debt is a bad word. Don’t make it a habit.


Sounds difficult? It isn’t really. You need to stay away from this bondage, which makes you live in slavery. You earn to just pay back, and you pay back much more than you actually borrowed. Curbing expenditures when you do not have much of liquid money and spending smart in times of crisis is the key to staying out of the poison called debt.

Do things differently

do things differently

If you don’t want to be where your parents are at this age, do things differently than what they did. Try and explore possibilities and opportunities in businesses that have the potential to earn you some good booty. Following the old traditions and going where the crowd is heading gives you lesser chances of being successful considering the rising competition.

Aim at the pay of the highest employee

aim for highest salaries

If you’re taking up a job, aim at the pay of the highest employee.

Once at work, and if joined as a fresher or trainee, do not look down upon yourself. Aim big, splurge up your confidence, observe what the top employee of the company has that you do not. That way, it will help you stay focused on the goal. Once you know your focus is clear, there is no stopping.

Do something that you love doing


Passion can build mountains. But being passionate about something and earning of it is a wild combination. You live life to it’s fullest worth in that way. There is no integrity in being an engineer or a doctor if you wake up every morning and hate your job. Pick a profession you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Understand what money is!

money cat

Just remember- money is a piece of paper, with a photograph of someone long gone and dead. When you understand this, you will get to know that any power it has over you is derived from your relationship with it. The kind of relation you build with money is upto you. Losses happen, bad days come and go, but life goes on. Nothing should put you down even when a large sum in gone off your pocket. Learn through your mistakes and make the loss worth it.

Don’t concentrate on hard work, but on smart work!


With Internet and far and wide spread of technology, you don’t have to limit yourself to physical labor. You need to research and find out smarter ways and be self sufficient in doing work differently.

The only limit you have on yourself now is your own imagination – your ideas are the most valuable thing you possess.

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