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Five Reasons why Female are Better Bosses than Male!

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Five Reasons why Female are Better Bosses than Male!

A plethora of personal choices has given a rise to an age old debate, leaving one question unanswered-whether women make better bosses than their male counterparts. Researchers believe that the fairer sex runs better performing businesses, and also lead the path better than menfolk!

We bring to you 5 reasons why the ladies make better bosses in comparison to gentlemen:

1. They’re better manager of themselves and the business

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The ability of management, right from groceries to office stationery is an inborn gift to them. They can go from pillar to post in managing school fees of children, to fuel charges and of course, make-up!

They can very well inspire and influence their staff as they have hands-on intuitive and collaborative management techniques. This quality also stimulates the employee base. Men cross the bridge when it comes, whereas women work on and with a to-do-list

2. They are more Patient


The modern woman has a logical approach towards her business. With her power of reasoning and resolving, she leaves dazzling effect on her work force.

Being the softer sex, she is more caring and compassionate with the staff, and hence can sweetly bring on more productivity in them. She is less aggressive, and less commanding than her male counterparts.

3. She Talks a Lot


She can talk people in and get more business. Deeply analyzing the intricacies comes in her blood. She would overthink on minute issues, and bring in solutions. She thinks much more than she talks.

She not only talks, but also likes to listen. Chitchatting with employees and getting their perspective strengthens her work force. She can also negotiate and use her market skills at office and hence crack great deals.

4. Women Ethics are Stronger than Men


It’s hard to make ethical choices when it comes to the 21st century human. Women are fair in their behavior, and relatively less cunning as per researchers. They hence make less greedy choices like the men, leaving purity in the business.

Wrong actions make them feel guilty even if they go subtly wrong. They have also proved to be very transparent. They hence carry a strong scented moral code in their bags!

5. They can lend you a Shoulder!

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A male boss cannot lend a peaceful year to your problems, be it personal or other, like a woman can. This level of conversations raises passion levels in the employees.

They don’t shy out from lending a prodigious piece of advise from their booty of personal experiences!

So these are the reasons why females make better-easier-merrier bosses!

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