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The real reason behind the suicide of builder Suraj Parmar


The real reason behind the suicide of builder Suraj Parmar

The Indian news media has extensively covered the Suraj Parmar suicide case, but under wrong light. The reports that state the Cosmos Group chairperson had debt stand untrue, as the 14-page letter he wrote has clearly stated that he had zero liabilities.

If anyone has any claims, they’re welcome to come upfront say his near ones as all his liabilities are secured in his bank account. Parmar was frustrated with the working of the system, and gave a fight for several years in vain. His only hope was that his death would create an uprising, which would bring a change in the system, benefitting the builder community. 


Parmar was a well-known figure amongst the builder community and president of the Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI), Thane. He allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself on Wednesday, by being fed up with the government’s regulations and problems faced by realtors.

Parmar headed a company, which constructed residential and commercial property. He fired a bullet from his revolver on the right of his neck, after which he collapsed at Cosmos Heaven, a construction site office of his company in Ovala.

Let’s not let his death go in vain and continue to fight his battle!

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