Have you ever wondered how would one feel when he experiences a complete new sensation for the first time? It is very difficult for people to even imagine about this who are gifted with all five senses.

This amazing video features Ethan Zachery Scott, 24, who has been colorblind all his life. Colorblindness does not mean that the world for Ethan is black and white, it rather means that he finds some colours duller and rest he is not able to see. For example, green sometimes looks like brown and pink resembles silver.

His friend, James gifted him EnChroma glasses on his birthday which make use of science and technology to create a full-spectrum experience for the user.

He sees the vibrant colours of this world for the first time and the reactions he gave are priceless.

Initially, he could not understand what was happening but later when he realised, he was over-whelmed as it was a life-changing experience for him. He saw the colour of leaves for the first time.

He was totally amazed to see purple colour of the lid of a jar. Then he went outside and saw this world with a complete new look which made him emotional.

This video will surely make you feel good and make you realise the importance of what all you can do that others can’t.


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