In India, there is a very common news that ATM cards are being duplicated and can be easily cloned via the ATM machines itself. I always used to wonder how the hell can this happen?

In this video, a Marathi Police Man explain how simple it is to clone your ATM card. To secure your ATM card from getting cloned, 2 main things you need to watchout before inserting you ATM Card:

  1. Light should be glowing at the card insert slot. The part which can clone your card does not have a glowing green light.
  2. Camera should not be there right on top of the Keypad.  This camera can easily record your pin number while entering you ATM pin.

This video really an eye opening insightful one which will help all of us to take precautionary measures to secure ourselves from getting our ATM cards cloned and getting account balance to 0.

If you care about your friends and family members, do SHARE this valuable information so that they can be secured. Cheers!


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