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The Perfect Gift A Brother Can Give To His Sister


The Perfect Gift A Brother Can Give To His Sister

The most important relationship in humanity is a sense of responsibility. Every day we read about domestic violence all over the world. The count of domestic violence has been increased, every five minutes a domestic violence case is reported in India.

The main reason stands to be dowry/ cruelty by husband or his relatives. Till 2013, there have been 118,866 cases that have been recorded in books.

A recent survey of G20 study has stated India “as the worst place to be a woman.”
Not protesting against the harassment and not saving others is a big crime.

So just speak up. Everyone whoever is facing these or knows the person who is facing them must race their voice and fight against them.

Relatives, family members must come forward to help them by sensing their responsibility for society as well as for the family.

You can never say a girl/women is only one who faces domestic violence, the same is also applicable to boys/men who face the.

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