Christmas is the special time for all the children to get gifts they want and mostly all of them demands a material gift. Watch out this eye-opener experiment that proves all the parents wrong and leaves in a shock.

IKEA in Spain invited 10 families to participate in this experiment. Children were asked to write a letter to Santa Claus asking to fulfil their wish list of gifts. There is no surprise all of them written various gift items ranging from games to piano and guitar etc. Now there is a twist that surprises to all of them. They were asked to write a second letter termed as “The Other Letter” to their parents. What these children written in this second letter to their parents will leave you all in shock. Instead of demanding any material thing, they asked for something not expected, including spending more time with them and listening more to them.

This video has proven that its not the expensive gift which can bought happiness but its the unconditional love that completes the life and fulfil the gap.


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