WHow WHow WHow! Doesn’t the title sound little crazy? Yes it does and this performance completely deserves it. Usman Riaz is a 21 year young kid who is on this TED stage. He learnt guitar watching videos online and his favorite Guitarist was Preston Reed who joined with him on stage here. So this young kid meets his hero on stage and together they did an outstanding performance I have ever seen.

Here are the punch points. At 3mins watch this kid doing mesmerizing trick with his Guitar. Wait! At 8mins see the duo how the shake the stage as well as audience. Looks like best duo performance ever.

But Wait again! There is still more. TED team requested to perform again for few more seconds and when they got this chance, at 13mins see the JAW DROPPING PERFORMANCE! Audience was awestruck and gave a very long standing ovations that I have ever seen 😀

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