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A Million Dollar Story that will blow your mind


A Million Dollar Story that will blow your mind

A lucky day can be yours just luck need to be with you. Here is the lucky story of a bartender Hubert Tang, who works at San Francisco Bay in a restaurant. While he was outside the San Francisco International Airport, he had found a $20 note. He never thought the $20 note would change his life in few minutes.

Tang had spent that $20 and bought some lottery scratch cards, even though he has said he had not bought a lottery for last 10 years, he was the lucky person to win $1 million jackpot from those lottery scratch card.

You never know when luck favors you just like Tang.

When he was asked what he would do with the money he had won, he was unable to decide and said he would continue his job and save for his future and may buy a car for his mom.

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