People often say dreams seen from open eyes in day time cannot become true and only such people who do not have any work to do used to see dreams with open eyes. But this is not true at all if you see the history and read autobiography of most successful people of the world. When dreams become the motive of life, it gives so much inspiration and a driving force and zeal to succeed and achieve your targets. You must have a dream and should pursue towards fulfilment of your dream.

This video is a story of a man who have lost everything and begging in the streets of Mumbai. He is a very good mouth organ player, having a dream to succeed one day. One day he got noticed by the producer of Red FM in Mumbai local train, he was quite inspired by his talent and gave him a chance to go on air live.  To his surprise after immediately he got a call from one of the producer to perform in his movie. Dreams always come true, just follow them.

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