John David Glaude from California gained a popularity and fan base on YouTube and Instagram by recorded his dramatic weight loss journey from 360 lbs to 200lbs in the YouTube channel ObsesetoBeast.

In his “Obese To Beast” journey, he also inspires others to take a journey with him. Glaude uploads weight-lifting videos, protein powder reviews, and shots of his bicep development.

In the video titled My Biggest Insecurity: Loose Skin, Glaude talks about the reality of this dramatic weight loss, generally people don’t want to see.

Glaude said, “This is not ideal, this is not what I would have wanted after losing 160 pounds …” I would have wanted to have the perfect body, right? But that’s not the case.

“But that’s OK, and I want people watching this video to understand you should never let loose skin or anything else stop you from going for your dreams,” he said.

“My dreams are to be very happy in my skin, and I am, loose skin and all,” he said.

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