Recently you have heard a lot about the naked photoshoot of Kim Kardashian for the winter edition of the Paper magazine. But it was her back side that caught the attention. It goes viral and break the internet, more and more people use her backside picture, edit and Photoshop it by affixing face of their friends instead of Kim.

But someone had a better idea for using her back and butt. For the funny segment, the late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and his team take a cut out of Kardashian’s nude photo and attach it to a snowblower.

“Here in L.A., we don’t have snow, but we do have celebrities, so we came up with something fun—I think it’s fun. Let’s go out to Hollywood Boulevard now,” Jimmy Kimmel told the audience, “where our new Kim Kardashian model snowblower is standing by. Isn’t that lovely? We imported snow from somewhere…”

Enjoy the hilarious video below from “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and share your experience with us!


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