A short film is on Edmund Thomas Clint, a boy from Kerala, India who completed more than 25,000 pictures in the short 2522 days. He lived only for 7 years and passed away due to kidney failure. At such a tender age, he had the creative bent of an artistic legend: he created some fine 25,000 artwork in just 2522 days!

Clint used every medium: chalk, crayons, oil paints, and water colors to create drawings and paintings that depicted the world as he saw it. His body of work shook art admirers and critics who were astounded by his maturity and convinced of his artistic genius.

He had the unique ability to understand how people felt, and drew inspiration from these powerful emotions. Despite his young age, Clint created art that depicted intense themes like death, solitude, and love. In addition to being an artist, Clint was also a voracious reader. He was drawn to the drama of epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana and was keen on listening to adventure stories like Robinson Crusoe. His mind grasped every detail described in these stories and then expressed them as a colorful canvas.

After Clint passed away, Sivakumar, renowned documentary film maker from India, made a documentary on the young artist’s life and work. The film was shown at international film festivals. Clint Road in Kochi is named after him. There are books and films on his unbelievable journey, yet this is an untold story.


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