Today youth cannot spend their single day without social websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Their day starts with a good morning post and ends with good night post. But still most of the Indian parents find it difficult to understand the use of Facebook and Twitter.

TVF has released its second episode of the series Tech Conversations with my Dad. In this video, dad has learned basic use of Facebook but still have some mind-boggling queries.

The best punch of the video is, “Beta koi accha sa comment bata jis par likes mile,” “Mama ki friend request accept kyun nai ki.”

The video also focuses on the common problem with the youth. They usually ignore and don’t accept the friend request of their relatives on Facebook.

The daughter in the video tries her best to simplify the answer for him. She managed to teach her father how to block someone on Facebook. The whole conversation is packed with frustrating questions.

Watch out this video to enjoy the hilarious tech conversation.


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