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This incident happened last month in India will make you believe in the Power of Social Media

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This incident happened last month in India will make you believe in the Power of Social Media

In India, the most important factor for bringing a change is the ability to ‘blame’. If you know how to blame a Government officer or the whole body without creating harm to yourself then you bring whichever change you wish to see. So let’s try and analyze the steps to bring a change (for the betterment of the society).

The first and most important thing is to realize a need for change. Find a reason. On what basis would you decide whether the reason is good enough to be noticed by others or not? The answer is simple if the reason is good enough for you to put your laziness aside and enter in action mode then you are on the right path. I am going to use a recent incident as reference. The link below is of a small moment raised for a poor old man named Kishan Kumar whose profession is to type Hindi for people which he has been doing since last 35 years.

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it”

                                                         -Albert Einstein

This famous quote by Einstein basically summarizes the second step that is to frame the plea, you are supposed to mold it wisely and then decide a platform to deliver the message and create awareness but remember you are not trying to publicize yourself, not trying to collect likes, you are just trying to make your genuine motive reach maximum number of people so that the desired steps can be taken.

The social medium being utilized the most in India is Facebook which is now getting replaced with Twitter and Quora. You can use Facebook and twitter both. The last point is to believe in yourself and in your reason behind this struggle. Wondering whether Kishan’s struggle paid off? It did.

The senior Inspector Pradeep Kumar was suspended after the investigation and Kishan received multiple typewriters and a small amount to help him improve his financial condition. The last photo in which he is smiling sure inspires us to stand up for people like him.

He thanked all the people who offered to buy him a new typewriter, even to those who kept on retweeting this tweet until it reached CM, also the person who clicked the photograph in the first place. Take charge and I hope that these steps can make you a hero.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world”


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