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‘I’m 100% NY, but I’m also 100% Bihar’; Tweets The ‘Hulk’ Star Mark Ruffalo


‘I’m 100% NY, but I’m also 100% Bihar’; Tweets The ‘Hulk’ Star Mark Ruffalo

Bihar is said to be turning green with its new achievement earlier this month. A small village in Dharnai in Jehanabad district of Bihar has become India’s first state which is fully solar powered. Earlier there was no electricity in the houses and lot of manual efforts were made to live their day to day life.

But, thanks to the new technology that has been enforced by Centre for Environment and Energy Development and Greenpeace. A lot of efforts were made to by these organisations to turn the village completely into solar power.

There were a lot of issues faced on the land front as the land that has been acquired to complete this project belongs to the local farmers.

After many obstructions, Bihar government has finally achieved its target of 100% Green.

Now 2400 villagers will get electricity in houses with 30kw to run a water pump. This project green has not only inspired Bihar, but other states to enforce the same technology to develop the rural areas which are in dark as of now. Let’s Go Green.

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