If I ask you about your best gift given to your wife after the marriage, surely you will list out many costly things. But what this husband has done for his wife has made him the best in the world. He has won the heart of millions of people.

Sean Klitzner decided to make a documentary of every moment of pregnancy of her wife Noelle. Right from the beginning when she goes into the bathroom to have a pregnancy test up to the birth of the child. He has tried to capture each and every moment and have taken her pictures on a daily basis.

The entire video is very heart touching and captures some beautiful moments during the nine months of pregnancy. It is only and only happiness that is all around on the faces of the couple.

What an awesome way for this couple to be able to look back on the pregnancy.

Even if you are made of stone, I can bet that you are surely going to cry after watching this video.

Enjoy and please SHARE this clip with all the amazing women in your life.

Credits: Sean Klitzner


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