“Life is a gift of God and very precious one, so don’t waste it, just taste it.”

Drinking has become a status symbol in the high society and the current corporate culture. But nobody thinks about what is the worst which can happen due to drinking, especially drunk drinking.

This short film is about the fictional story of a lady who resorts to prostitution to cater her family needs after her husband meets an accident and falls in coma. The video is directed by Pankaj Thakur and scripted by Joybrato Dutta.

Drunk driving is a major cause in India for deaths in road accidents. Mission Sharing Knowledge (MSK), has done its part for spreading social awareness about the issue. It is not necessary that a drunk driver harms only to himself but also he can cause to other innocent person life.

The message here is very clear and strong enough. Just be extra careful while driving and traveling on the roads. The movie ends with the message as follows “It’s your family who’ll pay the price. Don’t drink and drive.”

Watch and share this heart touching video to spread this message all over the world.


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