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How to date online successfully


How to date online successfully

Online dating is a boon in today’s fast-growing, fast-moving tech-savvy world. With a smartphone in every hand, dating has become a fingertips game. However, specific guidelines help in making this dating game less frustrating and more fun.

It’s all about visuals

At least at first sight! Pictures are the first thing anyone notices when on a free dating site before scrolling down to the profile. Though a few claim that the opening message is something that dictates the success of such apps, still the most prominent factor is the picture as that is how someone responds to a profile. The main picture should be the best image used in your bio. It should be an informal one that brings out the relaxed, social version of the user rather than a cheesy or an uptight, formal picture.

An interesting profile is something one looks forward too. The profile or the main bio should be in a loose conversational form rather than a resume dialect as this is not a CV for sure! Though it should not be a vulnerable profile, either it definitely should be something that describes the true you as nothing is more attractive than a person comfortable in his skin.

First Message

The messages should not be sent out blindly, rather it should be tailored out carefully with the goals of the person sending them and the person who the message is being sent to as it definitely makes or breaks the chances. The messages should be sent out with subtle compliments without overbearing anyone. And yes, dating online is a number game, so the more messages you send out, the more open you become to receiving the replies. Also, the timing should be considered while sending messages as weekends are definitely a better option to do so for better chances.

Some Do and Don’t for the first date:

  1. Choose the location where you are comfortable for the first date.
  2. Prefer keeping the chat cordial rather than making it an awkward or act as if already on the second date!
  3. Comfort and qualify each other to build a rapport and see if both are open to taking the date forward.
  4. Listen to another person rather than just boasting about yourself.
  5. Don’t be too detached, try to physically comfort each other by not sitting opposite to each other if on a dinner date or a movie date.
  6. Don’t ask for the second date blatantly . Give subtle hints to seeing them again.
  7. Don’t press for another date.
  8. If any of their gestures or actions make you uncomfortable, let them know politely rather than charging them.

Hope these guidelines make your online dating experience a safe yet fun-filled amazing experience!

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