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Homemade scrubs for glowing skin


Homemade scrubs for glowing skin


Homemade scrubs for glowing skin


Scrubbing is essential for your skin, more essential than you actually think. There is a scientific process which states that your skin sheds a large number of dead cells every hour and they are replenished in a day or so with new ones replacing them. Scrubbing helps in keeping the pores clean and lets the cells remain bright and makes your skin appear lustrous and bright.

Not all scrubs are pocket friendly and perfect for skin. But, homemade scrubs are just the most pocket friendly solution to most skin problems. These don’t need much effort for preparation and since all ingredients are natural thus, no harsh reactions are expected on the skin. So some DIY face scrubs that don’t need much effort are:


1) A homemade body scrub with sea salt and olive oil with just a hint of your favourite essential oil is just the perfect solution for exfoliation of your skin and to improve blood circulation. It makes you look bright and takes away all weariness from your skin. Use this scrub twice or thrice a week for best results.


2) Not just salt but DIY scrubs can easily be made by taking the exact same ingredients and replacing salt with sugar. Massage this mixture on your skin in circles for around ten minutes and wash off using slightly warm water. Do remember not to heat the olive oil as it will lead to the melting of the sugar which then ruins the idea of the scrub. This is the best scrub to energise your skin especially if it appears dull.

3) Yogurt is a boon for both our internal and external body. Take some yogurt and mix it with olive oil, honey and some sugar crystals. Use this scrub thrice a week for about ten minutes each and get clean skin with no dead cells. It also helps in retaining moisture and makes your skin look healthy and hydrated at all times.


4) Just make a thick paste from white sugar, brown sugar, olive oil and a pinch of vanilla extract.  Using circular massaging motions apply this paste on your clean skin. Wash it off sing warm water. It wonderfully nourishes your skin and also makes it look healthy and vibrant.


5) Turmeric is often known to add glow to your face but, it also acts as a great scrub if used with sugar and oil. Just massage it nicely on your skin and rinse off. It will provide you a clear glowing skin and exfoliate your pores as well. The anti – septic properties of turmeric protects your skin from acne and other issues as well.


6) Lemon is known to be the perfect detanning agent for our body and sugar is the best exfoliator, a scrub made by mixing these two if massaged properly this scrub can work wonders for you. It will add the youthful fairness, you will get rid of all tanning and your skin will appear rejuvenated and bright at all times. Use this scrub about 3 times a week regularly for best results. Also, not to forget the acidic nature of lemon helps in maintaining the apt pH of your skin.

7) Take some coffee, add sugar, oil and some vitamin 3 capsules and your DIY homemade scrub is ready to use. The anti-oxidant content of coffee along with the benefits of other products of the mixture will help your skin bask in the beauty of bright and new skin cells as the dead cells will be removed in the process leaving you looking fresh and bright. This scrub also helps in fighting cellulite damage done to your skin.


8) Not just sea salt but adding Epsom salt to olive oil and the massaging it on your skin also works as a great homemade body scrub. It helps in smoothening any roughness on your skin providing you with silky smooth skin. Some regular users of this scrub swear by its ability to ease your tensions and calming your stress. Further this DIY scrub is also known to help medically by lowering your blood pressure, calming any sore body parts and it also works as a muscle relaxant.


Homemade Scrubs are perfect way to enjoy the goodness of scrubbing without any harsh chemicals. The above mentioned scrubs can easily be made without much effort and their  regular use will surely help you fetch some amazing compliments from the people around you. Become the talk of the town with a beautiful and well-nourished skin without going for expensive treatments. Do make sure that you do use them for at least 4 weeks regularly to realise the changes and nourishment offered by the homemade body scrub you selected for yourself, as it is just a way of nourishment for your skin which takes time to settle and show its complete effects.

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