“Every human being should be treated equally”, this saying can be seen only in the books because when it comes to reality, you can see that people are highly biased towards the poor.

In this video, a guy named Josh experimented on some restaurant owners to see their behaviour towards people who are rich and poor. Firstly, he dressed up as a homeless man and went to the restaurants.

As expected, he was denied the entry because of his looks. He even told the manager that he has money to pay, but still he could not get a table to be seated with everyone else there and eat.

One of the managers even told him that the customers would not like his presence there.

One hour later, he returned back to the same restaurants while being dressed up nicely and in his Ferrari car.

He saw that the things had changed for him. The same people who ignored him the first time, were eagerly ready to serve him.

But he simply goes from there telling them that he is not hungry any more.
Knowingly or unknowingly, all of us sometimes act in this manner. So, it is hereby requested that we should try to put an end to all of this.


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