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What happens when a Homeless Guy offers Money to those who helped him


What happens when a Homeless Guy offers Money to those who helped him

We come across many videos on social media where people help homeless. But this man, Big Daws, came up with a completely different idea where he gives money to the people who help him.

It can be seen in the video that the prankster holds a sign in which he is asking the passerby to help him. He got both positive and negative responses from people.

Initially, many people ignored him. Some of them even told him to get a job so that he could earn money but then few of them also offered him money.

When Daws returned their money with $20 extra, they were surprised and shocked. Some even got emotional and hugged him.

There was a man who offered him money. He said that he was himself homeless few days back. So he very well understands how it feels to be homeless. One man offered him prayers and received money from him in return.

Then he came across a woman who was begging on the streets because she could not find a job from past 3 months. She started crying when he gave her money and hugged him. She also said that he had helped her a lot.

This video was bit different from others. Big Daws made the day of those people who offered him help.

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