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These hilarious OMG moments show Stupidity really hurts


These hilarious OMG moments show Stupidity really hurts

You know what makes life awesome? Life is predictably unpredictable. It is these rare and precious moments that you get the Oh My God moments.

Sometimes, Usher-level OMG moments..and then there are times when you are not as lucky. What do you get then? A Friends’ Janice-quality OMG moments. Yeah, that really nasal Oh My God, which immediately strikes you as a bad omen.

But these moments define life. Some people are lucky to catch these kind of moments on camera, then you have a story worth telling to your grandchildren.

These oh my god moments aren’t meant for laughs. They are meant for gasps!

So start gasping. It’s time to start OMG-ing. And yeah, they seriously need to come with a clear ‘Don’t try this at home’ banner.

Don’t ask me how, but this is how the Universe conspires against you. And when this happens at your wedding, then maybe it is good that the universe decided to intervene if you know what I mean.

And it’s funny that these moments are given by the strangest people, or rather dogs; at the unknown place, or rather the Arctic Circle. And if you are wondering after watching the video, then YES!

They hurt… A LOT!

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