There is a simple question for you, What will you do if you find a boy slapping a girl next to you? If you are thinking this a very silly question then, this video will give you the answer.

We are living in 21st century but have you ever think are we really deserve? A lot of talks has been done about manhood. Crimes against women are mainly due to this only. Man treats woman only as an object/thing whom he can use as per his own will. But we need to stop all these.

Coming 25th November is an International day for the elimination of violence against the women. And we all have to make a promise to the world and women that we will not be doing any violence or crime against them, we will not use abusive language against them, we will respect them and love and care for them.

This video is our sincere effort towards spreading awareness against violence against women and making a happier world. Please do watch full video and share with everyone to show your support to the revolution.

Credits: PrankBaaz


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