“Goat MMO Simulator” is a free expansion for “Goat Simulator” that will be released on November 20.

Goat Simulator is Coffee Stain’s most successful game, with over 1.1 million copies sold on PC and 500,000 on mobile.

Goat Simulator’s developer Coffee Stain Studios says: “The new expansion will offer faction warfare between goats and sheep as well as quests. You’ll be able to give your goat one of five available classes – Warrior, Rogue, Magician, Hunter and…erm…Microwave.”

Coffee Stain game designer and PR manager Armin Ibrisagic said: “Once you try out our new expansion, you guys will sh*t so many bricks that it’ll trigger a new real-estate bubble.” 

Goat MMO Simulator (Patch 1.2) will launch on Thursday, Nov. 20 as free DLC through Steam, who already own the original game on their PC. Goat MMO Simulator will also be playable on Mac and Linux with full controller support.

Update 1.2 also hitting the iOS and android in September.

Watch the trailer here and get ready for it.


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