Any GOT-er would agree with me on this- Jon Snow is not dead! And this brings us to the most interesting Game of Thrones theory- the R+L=J.

Watch it a hundred times, and you will still come back with questions and clarifications.

This and the undying love that we have for Jon are probably why this video is a big people’s favorite.

And yes, I know, if only George RR Martin just TOLD us how the story ends for Jon! But you wish.

What are the odds that a guy who sadistically kills the protagonist in his books is going to bring back said protagonist from the world of the dead!

But if he does, I am sure you are as enthusiastic about seeing him reborn a Targaryan and not a Snow.

But if you are one of those rare few who have no clue about Lyanna and Rhaegar’s son, Jon, then I think it’s time you watched this video.

But if you have already, then who cares?

Watch it again!

Because, Winter is coming..

But we, R+L=J believers, will keep the faith. Stay strong, stay awesome!


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