The football legend Cristiano Ronaldo spent one of his afternoons as the best ball-juggling hobo in the streets of Spain.

The Real Madrid player was skillfully disguised as a homeless person with bedraggled beard, padded suit and a dog as companion. He spent an afternoon showing of his skills in this attire in Madrid’s Plaza del Callao.

The video was shot in collaboration with ROC Live Life Loud. Ronaldo interacts with passers-by, however is ignored by pensioners and also a pretty girl politely declines his request to share her number.

Though unaware of the true identity of the mysterious vagabond in the street, the people were pleased to engage with him before Ronaldo revealed his identity to a youngster.

He handed over the ball he has been playing with to the youngster with signature. Thereafter he came out of the disguise leaving the child awestruck. There was pandemonium in the streets due to revelation of his true self.


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