Willpower and self-discipline are two most important things which can bring a great difference in a person’s life. Success and personal growth go hand in hand if one possesses these two skills. Lack of any one skill will lead you to failure.

This video is an amazing example of a person who possesses these two skills and therefore he has fulfilled his lifelong dreams. Jon Calvo, who once weighed 340 pounds has lost 175 pounds in the time span of 2.5 years.

Since he was a kid, he had only one dream and that was to lose weight. He made several attempts to stick to his exercises and diet plans but lost his will power every time.

This resulted in his failure to reach his goals. People made fun of him on regular basis which demotivated him a lot.

Then the time came when he reached his highest weight of 340 pounds in April 2010 and he realised that it was time to get serious.

He followed gruelling exercise and diet regime which ultimately paid him off. There were times when he thought of quitting, but he never gave up.

He was a determined man who got what he wanted. Now he is a healthy man with fit body. He has set an example for many people who feel like quitting their dreams.


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