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Farah Khan can’t stand a funny tweet and abuses the person by sending him DM


Farah Khan can’t stand a funny tweet and abuses the person by sending him DM

Indians awe Bollywood celebrities and follow them blindly, and we have witnessed so many examples where we supported Stars regardless of whether they were morally correct or not. For example, the time when Salman Khan was sentenced five years imprisonment, knowing the fact that he committed the crime, we stood by him. However, it’s high time to make Celebrities realize that they cannot send a wrong message to their followers.

Farah Khan, a name that is taken with pride in Indian film Industry — a well-known Choreographer, Film Director, Actress, Television presenter, and Judge to many reality shows as well. Farah Khan is a multi-talented woman who never fails to entertain us. But her tweet on 20th October, left a very little respect in our hearts for her.

Are you wondering what exactly is wrong with this tweet? Well…NOTHING. Every person is entitled to his/herher views and opinions. It is a rather appreciable tweet that even I would follow, but what is the lowest level you can get down to make a point? Apparently, Farah surpassed the lowest level this time.

Farah Khan did not only abuse Yash Sanghvi, a guy who made fun of her tweet, but also blocked him so that he could not share this with her followers.

Responding to this incident, Yash Sanghvi had this to say — “I would just like to wish her well and request not to abuse anyone as she is a public figure, and people look up to her. Also, she should be more responsible next time for whatever she says or does”.

Farah does not own Twitter or her viewers’ opinions. If she has freedom of expression, so does Mr. Sanghvi. And the most importantly, her reaction is not justified against a little sarcasm.

Farah, be a human before being a celebrity. Your Twitter feed is full of people showing you love for the work you do, not for promoting your vulgar vocabulary.

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