Recently Indian Government has taken an initiative for clean India and providing toilets and other basic needs for everyone. But there is a very important aspect which also requires attention. In a big country like India, there is a big problem of toilets in public places. Usually, men can pee anywhere and do not require loo for the same. But when it comes for women there is a serious problem as they cannot pee publicly anywhere.

According to a study in India we have more mobile phones than toilets, and this, is also a reason for increasing incidents of rapes and assaults against women. According to BBC around 11000 women, would have escaped rape last year if they had toilets in their home.

On an average often, women have to hold their bladder for approximately 13 hours risking themselves of infection only to save themselves from embarrassment. This social experiment reveals the truth. We need to give a clear message for providing toilets in public places. Please watch and share this video as much as you can to spread this message and make it a revolution.

Credits: Video Daddy


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