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These Expectation vs Reality pictures by Celeste Barber will make you laugh like anything


These Expectation vs Reality pictures by Celeste Barber will make you laugh like anything

With every new Hollywood actor at least two impressionists are born. Like vultures, they observe stars trying to recreate the funniest and wittiest versions of the original. Some stand-up comedians know their job so well that the actor which they are mimicking sits and laughs at their jokes. But the thing which I love the most is parody- Parodies are the blend of the entire movie with the ‘tadka’ of nastiness and all this in just a couple of minutes.

A good parody a day keeps doctors away. There are so many people in this industry but among the popular ones are Bart Baker, Josh Chomik and others. But today’s topic of mention is this extremely hilarious and bold comedian, Celeste Barber who is mocking the celebrities for their unrealistic posing and lifestyle by accepting the challenge to try and recreate the same pose but in her own environment and with the resources which are available to her. And she fails. No, she does not just fail she fails so badly that her failure made 100k people like her on Instagram.

“People are so obsessed with celebrities and celebrities seem to be so obsessed with portraying everyday people,” Barber told the ABC. The hashtag she uses is #celestachallengeaccepted. She is an Austrian comedian who uses her wit to prove her point. She could just as easily write or say that the photographs clicked by professional photographers and models are not as easy to copy as one might think but instead she proved it to everyone by being a representing the larger chunk of the population and trying to copy those stunts performed by beloved Hollywood community. Her current Instagram DP is this:

justin's parody by barber

The tattoo-doodle itself will crack anyone up. The thing which I love the most about this picture is that she is using a butter knife better be safe than sorry, after all you are posing next to Bieber, the precautions are must.

Celebrity mimicry

It’s not only her body language and this unique idea but also her entertaining captions which make people connect to her. Like for this one, to quote her  ‘It’s international Read A Book Day?. So let’s throw back to that time Miranda and I got our favourite book, designer glasses a chandelier a camera crew, a hair and makeup team and the worlds finest lighting designer and capture the moment we flick through the pages’


This photo was among the most liked photo at the time when it was uploaded. Now once again it is on the same path. All thanks to Barber. This photo was captioned by her as ‘When your friends to stupid shit to you while you are asleep.’

Expectation vs Reality is the only caption which totally justify all her photos. In the above snap, Beyonce is being so effortless and beautiful but reality would actually be closer to Celeste Barber’s condition. Give her a thumbs up and do lets you know your favourite impressionist.

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