A 27-year-old man Nick Magnotti who recently passed away from a rare appendix cancer has left a heart melting YouTube video to his 11-month-old daughter. In video he tells his fight with cancer of the appendix, his relationship with God and his love for his 11-month-daughter, Austyn.

The young father also focused his message on his daughter, saying that although he knows he will soon be going to a better place, he also realizes God will continue to watch over Austyn. “Just talking to God about how I know that even if I’m not here, that He’s her father, that He’s going to take care of her, He’s going to protect her, He’s going to watch out for her, He’s going to provide for her.”

Magnotti’s viral video has touched the hearts of many on social media. Watch and Share this heart touching video with your friends and family.


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