Whenever we talk about domestic violence, the first thing that comes to our mind is that woman is surely the victim and man is the culprit. Our society always supports the woman as it feels that she is inherently non-violent and wiser.

On the other hand, if man is being physically abused by a woman then people think that undoubtedly, he must have done something wrong because woman can never be harsh to a man without any reason.

In this video, experiment is done on domestic violence to check people’s reactions on male-on-female abuse and vice versa.

Firstly, when female was abused by male, people gave extreme reactions. Many of them came to rescue her. One of them even hit the male actor.

On the other hand, when the male was abused by the female, no one came to save him. At times, it was just played for laughs. People think that it is certainly the man’s fault and he deserves this punishment.

This shows that we all are living in this world of double standards where there is no equality for men and women especially when a case of domestic violence is noted.

Always a man is thought to be the villain of the story which is not fair. Our judgements should be biased.


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