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This is why this British Man Tried to KILL Donald Trump!


This is why this British Man Tried to KILL Donald Trump!

Last week, Michael Sandford, 20, tried to assassinate the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, at the candidate’s Las Vegas rally.

According to Sandford’s confession, his plan, which has been under the works for an entire year, was fundamentally based on him snitching one of the police officers’ gun to kill Trump. Sandford expected to die after the shooting.

The plan went south the moment Sandford attempted to get hold of the weapon, as officers had their guard on in case of such an event.

Sandford spoke to his father last week after a prison visit in Nevada, where he told him that the reason behind this decision was relying on the idea that ‘Someone had to stand up for America’.

Furthermore, the father talked with the Daily Mail in an interview earlier this week about his son’s actions:

I asked him what happened and he would only say that if Trump was elected, it would change the world and that somebody had to stand up for America.


Sandford’s mother further added that her son’s actions were quite uncharacteristic:

Every message I’ve had from everybody who has ever known him says what a delightful person he is, how considerate, how charming, how polite. A jail certainly isn’t the best place for him.

In addition, the mother asked local authorities to let her son return to Britain thus receiving psychiatric help, claiming that he’s ‘a very troubled, disturbed person now.

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