A social study says that a rape case is recorded in India in every 22 Minutes, and there are countless cases of harassing and molesting which remains unreported. Lots of efforts have been done on this issue but still it remains one of the most pervasive forms of human rights violations worldwide.

The reason and solution lies within us only. Just think once, we have become so much selfish that it does not bother us whatever is happening around us. How many of us will go for help in case of an Accident happened nearby? How many of us will go for helping a girl being harassed by a guy nearby? It does not mean that we are cowards or not a responsible person, but our system and society has made us such a heartless person. Even if anybody wants to help he or she will not do so because of our faulty system. Nobody wants to face police and go into courts to defend the victim. But at the end we are the backbone of our coming generation and we have to lay down a strong foundation in front of our coming generation.

In this video a social experiment has been done and the results are replica of whatever is said above. Watch till the end to surprise yourself that all the fingers are not same. If this video has inspired you please do not forget to share it with friends.

Credits: Awkwardness Unlimited


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