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Can Bee Sting Be Fatal? Watch This Video of Janice Dickinson !!


Can Bee Sting Be Fatal? Watch This Video of Janice Dickinson !!

Medical emergencies are unpredictable and can happen with you at any time. Just imagine if such condition is aired live on TV, then how you would react.

Something similar happened with 60 year old super model, Janice Dickinson who is one of the contestants of reality show “Celebrity Big Brother UK”.

During Tuesday’s broadcast, Janice was stung by a bee in the diary room. As she is allergic to insect bites, her condition worsened on the show.

In this video, it can be seen that she is asking for EpiPen from the producers. Her left hand turns black and blue, which she shows to the staffer with concern. She is panicked to see her allergy increasing and has trouble in breathing. Then Janice seemed to have seizure and falls off the chair.

At first, the channel cut this incident but then again they started airing it live.

According to the reports, she was immediately taken to the hospital after this video where she underwent treatment for few hours and then returned to the house.

Now she is ok and back to the game in her own style. This incident was supposedly quite serious as far as Janice’s health is concerned.

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