These days lots n lots of producers are attracting towards making sequel of their earlier movie. Latest addition to the second installment is Ravi Babu’s ‘Avunu 2’, starring Harshwardhan Rane, and Poorna launched on Friday. The film is a sequel to the suspense thriller ‘Avunu’, which went on to become a blockbuster in 2012.

Ravi Babu said, “Many sequels are coming in the recent. But the stories of the first and second part are different. But Avunu Part 2 starts where ‘Avunu’ has ended. The characters in the first part are continued in the second part. But two more characters are added. Nikitha plays an important role in this film. The captain Raju character, which was not seen in the first part, will be shown in this part”.

D.Suresh Babu, the producer of the movie told that they are planning to release the movie in coming December. So guys be ready to be thrilled in the winters, as after watching the trailer you can feel the thrill.



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