According to the ancient artefact a wooden statue that was discovered is around 125 years ago in a peat bog of Ural Mountains in Russia is much ancient than the Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge.

As per the analysis the statue has ‘encrypted code’. These codes are analysed as a message from a lost civilisation which is the oldest wooden sculpture in the world.

The Russian experts have examined and said that if the codes are decoded then we may know the belief of people during that age that may be similar to those written in the Bible’s Genesis.

The ideal was discovered in 1890; then it was analysed and stated that it was 9,500 years old.

The statue is covered with ornaments, which is nothing but encrypted information.

But later when the expert researchers in Mannheim, Germany have analysed the figure using sophisticated technologies like Accelerated Mass Spectrometry and found that it was 11,000 years old.


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