This short film, voiced by Boman Irani, is about a dog, who just wants to have some fun ( or according to what human thinks could be funny for a dog!). He is young and living with an Old person named Feroze, he wants to go out in the open beach, play with kids, catch the ball, swims in the sea-waves & check out some ladies etc. but as its master is blind he cannot not take him out so the dog is quite unsatisfied with his master. The dog also knows the fact about his master and whom it loves a lot.

The dog then follows the command of his master. It takes Feroze for walk and care after him. A true and selfless love of the dog towards his master will definitely melt your heart. It also leaves a question before our society in which many of Old age people are being left alone by their children.

It gives an inspiration and strong message for caring, spreading love and understanding each other in a meaningful way.

Credits: Manish Bhatt


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